Tuesday, November 06, 2007

You got ears.

So, let me get in there and wiggle around once a week.

You see, I have a radio show again.

When I was back at Queen's, I co-hosted a weekly radio show. That was a lot of fun. A few years before then, I co-hosted a show with a friend on a tiny station at the Glendon College campus of York University, which is just up the street from me.

Because it's in the neighbourhood, and because they have giant gaps in their schedule, getting a decent time slot on the Glendon station is a piece of cake. So, I asked, and I got a show on Wednesday evenings.

I did my first show on the Glendon station before the Queen's thing. As such, I didn't realize how lousy Glendon's equipment and music library actually were; in fact, its entire music library is now off-limits to me, as it's being re-catalogued (at least I think that's the story the station manager gave). But now that I've had a taste of the Good Life, it's tough to go back to squalor.

However, I attempt to make a silk purse out of this sow's-ear once a week, from 11pm to midnight on Wednesdays. All the tunes I play are out of my own musical collection... which is alright for now, I guess.

You can listen to the show by going to the station's website and following the "Listen Live" link.

See you on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

So I tune in to your show and hear 'Black Diamonds and Pearls' and thought that someone else was still on the air and you were waiting your turn. Didn't expect you to play that but there you have it. Yes, this Bonnaroo alum was listening, good show ;)


ps: I'm digging this song - Save it for a rainy day...didn't catch the artist.

JTL said...

The artist is/was The Jayhawks. I like the live version better than the studio version, though.