Saturday, November 10, 2007


Recently, Little Stevie Harper and Close-Set-Eyes Dalton McGuinty sat down and had a chat. It went a little like this:

McGuinty: "Hey man, we couldn't help but notice that you're running a giant surplus. We get a lot of our money from you guys, and we fund cities, and their bridges are crumbling, so... care to share the wealth a bit?"

Harper: "Suck my cock, Dalt."

I dunno, maybe Stevie used slightly different language... but that's what the sentiment was.

* * * * * * * * * *

I forget exactly where I heard it recently — it very well could have been from David Miller, the mayor of Toronto — but I've been looking at taxes a little differently lately. If memory serves (as it seldom does), Miller phrased this thoughts along the lines of, "By getting more revenue through taxes, we can really unlock the potential of this city, to do things to make our residents' lives better" (emphasis mine).

Think about it. Let your mind wander.

If we (a.) had all kinds of money, and (b.) a government that was willing to spend it on programs for their citizens — instead of being preoccupied with shouting "TAX CUTS, BITCHES! TAX CUTS!" every chance they got — just think about all the stuff we could do. Here's what jumps to my mind:
  • building oodles of affordable and/or sliding-scale and/or free housing, taking people off the streets
  • supplementing low-wage-earners' salaries to make sure they had enough to have a decent life
  • helping businesses become more environmentally responsible through new technologies
  • pumping tons of cash into schools to make them more useful and relevant for the kiddies*
  • revamping the health care system so that its disparate parts actually work with each other
  • building high-capacity public transit systems (e.g. LRT lines in most major cities), and making fares so cheap (and service so ubiquitous) that you'd be a fool not to ride them
...and so on.

Am I crazy here?
* I'll take care of this one, thanks.


Renee said...

Completely crazy. Yep, craaazy.

Eve said...

I think what we really need to unlock are the wallets of middle to upper income earners. Did you read The Star the other day? They're paying LESS TAXES than the folks on minimum wage.

You know what's also funny? If you incorporate, you pay less taxes. Yeah, figure that shit out.