Friday, November 09, 2007

Dubya talks to soldiers.

"Y'see, Lance Cpl. Bradford? Ah'm pushin' ya 'round in yer new wheelchair. Naw, don't say yer guvernment never did nuthin' fer the troops! 'Course, now yer a double ammm-puh-tee and yer blind. But hey, ah'm the President! Ain't that cool?"

"Ah'd shake yer hand, Spec. Yarosh, but ah'm a straight-shooter, so I'll just tell ya that your fake arm and your burned-up skull kinda freak me out."

"Green exercise balls, Sgt. Downs. That's the key to winnin' this War on Turrurr. These green balls're gunna smoke them turrrurrrisssts outta their holes. Oh, and sorry 'bout them legs."

What a fucking tool. See the whole ridiculous set of pictures here.

I feel sorry for American soldiers, I really do.

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