Thursday, November 22, 2007

Dubya lets his fingers do the walkin'.

Here's President "Curious" George Bush, kickin' back in his sweet pad on Fakesgiving (i.e., American Thanksgiving), calling some US soldiers who are marooned in Iraq. Man, does he look relaxed.

He should be relaxed; he's not getting his ass shot-at by dozens of people, angry about some assholes inviting themselves into their country and making it a shithole.

It's "the least I can do," said Boy George.

...well, it's good to know he's doing the least he could do.

I bet those soldiers appreciate the least.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Incidentally, it's not as if he sat by the phone and called up, like, every fourth soldier stuck in that godforsaken quagmire. He called:
  • 3 people in the Army
  • 2 people in the Marines
  • 3 people in the Air Force
  • 2 people in the Coast Guard
  • 2 people in the Navy
So, to help out US troops in Iraq, in this war-without-end, a miserable debacle which has caused nearly 4000 American deaths (and likely several hundred thousand Iraqi civilian deaths), something 4 of 5 Americans disapprove of...

George made
twelve phone calls.

Shit. Frequent site-contributor ECB made more calls than that trying to find an apartment in Chicago, and she didn't even send hundreds of thousands of people to fight an illegal war.

Happy Fakesgiving, by the way.

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