Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Eat shit, John Tory.

So, you want to run against Kathleen Wynne in Don Valley West, eh?

Early returns say you're doing a faceplant. In the most affluent riding in the country.

Jesus, buddy... if you can't peddle your shitty conservative message in this neighbourhood, maybe you'd better just move along and out of electoral politics.

Tell ya what, Charles Foster Kane — why don't you go back to running the CFL? You were pretty good at that.

Oh, and you're not going to form a government. It's going to be a Liberal majority.


Riz said...

Yeah. What he said. :)

Now I'm just waiting to see if we're sticking with FPP or MMP.

Renee said...

Bahahaha. Boo-yeah.

Renee said...

(except the part about the Liberal majority, I mean. That kind of makes me sad, but not as sad as a Conservative anything would make me. So it's still a net gain, IMHO).