Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Head in the clouds.

I was pretty sluggish all afternoon today at work. Luckily, all I had to teach was Grade 12 Physics; those folks pretty much take care of themselves. However, I was there until 6:00 fixing equipment for some demonstrations tomorrow; sure I stayed late, but that's gonna be one bitchin' fan-car zipping across the front desk.

On the drive home, though, my loopiness reached a new plateau. I was listening to As It Happens on CBC, and a defence lawyer for one of the "Brampton 18" — those guys who got arrested a year or so ago, who had plans to blow up things like the CBC Broadcast Centre — was describing things about one of his clients, a "Mr. Sheikh."

Only, every time he said "Mr. Sheikh," I couldn't help but think of "Master Shake," the ill-tempered character from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force:

I need to get more sleep.

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