Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Flaky, like pastry.

Two different friends of mine are leaving the GTA for a long period of time, in the very near future. Both of them kept saying, "Yeah, J, we should get together and hang out sometime before I leave."

Phone calls and messages? Unreturned.

Emails? Un-replied-to.

Strip-o-grams? They didn't even tip the dancer.

I'm miffed at these folks, as you might be able to tell. And, I think I have a convenient scapegoat; it's a piece of technology that, I believe, actually rewards and enhances overall flakiness:

Cell phones.

Think about it... in the time before cell phones — you remember, when we used to fling our own shit at each other and grind wheat into flour using our bare hands — you used to have to (a.) make plans beforehand, and (b.) follow through on those plans. Because people were tougher to reach, you had to (c.) make solid plans, and (d.) try your ass off to get to wherever it was you had to be, whenever you had to be there.

But now that everybody can be reached anytime, I believe this is causing people to be much more lackadaisical in their attitude towards punctuality and reliability. Running behind because you spent too much time downloading goat-porn? "I'll just call and say I'll be a few minutes late." Feeling lazy and want to cancel? It's a snap.

Meanwhile, the person you're supposed to be meeting, or hanging out with, or fighting to the death, probably has other shit to do, and planned to be with you at that time, in that place. And because you're a flaky goddamn idiot bubblehead, you don't care anymore.

My grand conclusion is this:

Because people can talk to each other at any time, they run the risk of trivializing the importance of communication — and in a broader sense, human interaction in general.

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