Sunday, April 01, 2007


It isn't just an Aretha Franklin song... it's what the Detroit Tigers, last year's American League champions, have earned. Witness this specially-crafted graphic on's front page leading to a lovely story by Jayson Stark:

See that, bitches? "[W]in it all." ALL, muthaaa-fuckaaaaaaaazz.

Jayson Stark, along with the rest of the national baseball media, usually uses this time of the year to place his mouth on the assorted phalluses of the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox. It's fashionable to say one or the other of those teams will win the World Series, and it's an easy pick as they usually spend enough money to be fairly successful. It's a safe bet.

But safe bets often don't turn out to be good bets.

I was stuck in traffic on St. Clair Avenue this past October, on my way to a meeting at the union office. It was Game 2 of the AL Division Series, Tigers at Yankees, the New Yorkers up 1-0 in games. But, I'll be goddamned if the Tigers didn't sew up the second contest as I sat there in the gridlock... and then go on to win Games 3 and 4 before sweeping Oakland in the ALCS.

Tigers defeat Yankees. David beats Goliath. Kucinich wins the Democratic nomination.

(Alright, so only the first one of those things really happened. The second one is probably a lovely myth crafted by a few Jews a few thousand years ago, and the third one will only happen if it's Backwards Day.)

Most of you aren't baseball fans, and have stopped reading by now. For those of you who have ploughed on this far and aren't a baseball fan, let me distill my message into one short paragraph:

I'm a huge baseball fan. My team since I was 7, the Detroit Tigers, has been terrible since 1994. Last year they did really, really well when nobody expected them to. And now it looks like they'll do well again. And I am very happy about that.

There, that about covers it, I think.

And for those of you who are baseball fans, and who will happen to be in Toronto on April 12th-14th: I plan on attending as many Tigers-Jays games down at SkyDome as humanly possible. I'm getting some $9 500-level walk-up tickets for each game, and you're more than welcome to come with me. (N.B. I may or may not force you to wear a Tiger hat.)

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Lindsay said...

I'd love to go to a regular season game once this thesis is done with... I'll let you know when I'll be in Toronto. I love me some baseball, as long as there's giant prezels and sunshine and fountain pop (and beer).