Friday, April 06, 2007

Comics and Jesus.

This is funny. The author used to live in Toronto but is now over in Japan doing something-or-other. He's a hilarious guy.

I've never understood the whole "Jesus dying on a cross absolved the people in the world of sin" thing. Okay, so Him dying obliterated all the sins that the people had committed... but what about the first person to steal a penny-candy after they rolled the stone in front of the cave? Does it start over again? Do we need to crucify someone every couple of days to keep wiping the slate clean? And why did God have this deal with His Son, anyway? Seems like a pretty lousy thing for a thirtysomething carpenter, who's probably making some decent coin working for all sorts of Jerusalem-area contractors, to have to do. Oh well.... at least everyone got a long weekend the next year.


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Thought you might enjoy this:

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