Sunday, March 18, 2007

Procrastinationatory tendencies.

Man, you oughtta see the stack of labs and tests I have to mark. Easily one of the biggest of the year.

So, J, you brewed up a big pot of coffee... you hack much out of that pile yet?

Exactly none, mystery-question-asker. Instead I've been giving my guitar chord dictionary fits by trying to figure out how to play Steely Dan's "Any Major Dude Will Tell You". (I substituted a normal G#m7 for the cockeyed "G#m11" suggested in a bunch of tabs and cheaped out with my version of the opening intro, but overall it sounds passable.) Oh, and I straightened-up a little around here.

That's all.

I've also been considering poking around various faculties of education to see if they have any Ph.D. programs in education which focus on pedagogy. I bet there aren't many, seeing as how education professors normally don't touch classrooms with ten-foot poles. But we'll see.

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Lindsay said...

Procrastinating, eh? Enjoy: