Thursday, March 08, 2007

Oddly-captured moments.

I've gushed at great length — with good reason — about my niece, because she's pretty much the most awesome 21-month-old on the planet. But a picture I took this weekend struck me in a weird way, because it's pretty unconventional for her to be caught off-guard by a camera.

You see, most of the time when she sees a camera, she starts getting all excited and jumping around and smiling and clapping (as she does when she watches her Dora the Explorer DVDs; claps right on the beat, she does). Witness this adorable photo of her playing in a pile of leaves last fall:

Obviously, an adorable photo. But she's been suffering from a cold lately, and isn't quite as energetic as she normally is. So, when my dad was holding her, as she was sporting her new pink hat that my folks picked up for her in Florida, I got this picture of her:

When I saw this picture on my camera a little while after I took it, the first thought into my head was, "Wow, I can actually picture what she'll look like when she's grown up." And the next thing was, "Hmm... sorta like a blonde version of Maggie Gyllenhaal."

Also, I got my new glasses today. I look stylish and I can see so well I bet I can look through a goddamn wall.


Anonymous said...

She looks so much like you it's frightening.

Is there something C isn't telling us?



Hubert said...

This is one cute kid, saying she looks like Maggie Gylenhal (or whatever) is not doing her justice.

Glad to see the Canadian albino race is continuing to survive incidentally.