Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mustaches, Feedback and Franken.

1) Mustaches.
Gripping interview on the Daily Show last night: Jon Stewart had the one, the only John Bolton (and his mustache) on. You remember him, right? Bush appointed him to be the US's Ambassador to the UN, even though Bolton had a well-known reputation for having no respect for the UN whatsoever. I won't even bother to try to cover all the interesting, interesting points raised in those few short minutes; just watch it at the DS website.

2) Feedback.
I've been listening to White Light/White Heat, the Velvet Underground's second album (and their not-so-veiled homage to hard drugs) a lot lately, and I can not get enough of "I Heard Her Call My Name". It's frantic and abrasive, it's soaked in feedback, most of it is a crazy guitar solo, and it pretty much sounds like jackhammers attacking amplifiers. But it's stupendously awesome. Acquire song, set volume to "jet engine," find something to grab onto.

3) Franken.
To borrow a phrase from Dick Cheney (i.e., when the VP was talking about the case against Saddam Hussein having WMDs back in '03 as a pretext for war; my, how four years fly by!), Al Franken's latest book, The Truth: With Jokes, is another "slam-dunk." Hilarious, biting, satirical, and well-researched. Then again, I'd expect no less from the man who was Baggage Handler #1 in the Eddie Murphy/Dan Aykroyd film Trading Places.

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