Monday, March 12, 2007

Greetings from the Sunshine State.

News from the Land of Jeb:

1. Days Inns have lost my business forever.
When I was little and we'd go to Florida, we'd always stay in them and they seemed just fine. However, three of the last four I've stayed at (in Hellsville, New Jersey; Dayton, Ohio and last night in Tampa, Florida) have been terrible. Hey, I don't need room service, but I do expect the hot water in the shower to work.

2. American airport security doesn't know the metric system.
Three fluid ounces is the limit of how much liquid or gel you can bring in a carry-on for a flight in the US. That roughly translates to 90 mL, which was the size of the tube of sunscreen I bought specifically so I could take it on an airplane. (It also happened to be the smallest tube in Shopper's.) So, did Flint Airport security take it on? Did they partake in my miniature lesson in the metric system? You'd better believe they didn't.

I know what you may be thinking: "That's pretty close to the limit. Maybe it actually is just a smidgen over 3 ounces, and they snagged it." Yeah? Well, tell that to my travelling companion Mike, whose 75 mL tube of toothpaste (which he has successfully brought into the US via air twice before) was also confiscated.


3. Canadians are everywhere here.
At one traffic light in Tampa, the two other cars I could see had Ontario plates. Hell, I even saw someone on the I-4 with Quebec plates. And, at the baseball game today (Tigers 3, Rays 2; beautiful day, sat in the shade), I sat beside someone from Huntsville and behind someone from Napanee. Craziness.

4. Tampa is a hellhole.
Mile after mile of shitty suburban strip-malls, giant Walgreens pharmacies, auto repair shops, cement nothingness... it sorta reminded me of the aforementioned Hellsville, New Jersey (right across the Hudson from Manhattan), but with slightly more Hispanics.

Tomorrow, Vero Beach and a game with the Dodgers. Wednesday, a home game at Lakeland against the Mets.

Life is good.

...but the weather is great.

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Anonymous said...

Have you seen any of those mega churches down there? Recently read the National Geographic article about them. There was another in the Star which talks about how the founders of the churchs rake in millions of dollars and don't give any to charities. Wha-wha-oh wait, I'm not surprised at all.