Thursday, March 29, 2007

Five random things around my apartment.

Without further ado, here are five random things that appear somewhere in my apartment.

1. A coffee table older than you or me, probably

I acquired most of my furniture from my parents' house (who knew that my mom's penchant for redecorating would net me so much loot?). I've had this since I moved to Toronto the first time, and it also accompanied me to Kingston as well. On it is a travel mug that I also obtained for free, as my parents used to work for Bayer and they were giving these things out one day randomly. (I have nicknamed the mug "Steely Dan".)

2. A picture frame containing several pictures

My sister-in-law was nice enough to give me a 5x7 picture frame containing a photo of my then-six(-ish)-month-old niece. As they've had more portraits taken, I just jam the new picture in in the corner of the frame in front of the old one. I figure I'll eventually have to stop this practice... but for now it's a handy-dandy impromptu photo album. (And yes, to reiterate, she is the cutest child in the world. True story.)

3. Cereal boxes aplenty

What can I say? I fucking love breakfast cereal.

4. Dogs Playing Poker

I bought this small poster about three weeks after I started university, and it's been with me ever since. I always put it above my desk, because when you're working really hard on something, it's always a nice break to look up and see the bulldog sneaking an ace of clubs to the terrier* under the table (hence the title of the painting, A Friend In Need).

* I have no idea if the recipient of the card is a terrier. I don't know anything about dogs, but I know a guy named Tavis who does.

5. Fancy shower curtain rings

My process for selecting home furnishings and accessories goes in this order:
  1. Is it free? (1a: Is it cheap?)
  2. Is it simple?
  3. Is it cool?
Whilst sauntering through Canadian Tire the day I moved in, I saw these expensive-ass shower curtain rings. Now, for items such as this I'd normally hit up my local Dollarama, because hey, who really needs to spend ten bucks on something you could spend one buck on, which does as good a job as the thing that costs ten bucks, thereby saving nine bucks which could be used for items such as beer, strippers or more shower curtains?

However, with this item, I didn't pass Go, and didn't collect $200. I went straight for "cool."

I stand by my decision.

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