Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I don't usually spend much time watching MuchMusic — save for "Going Coastal" and "The Wedge," it's all pure shit — but this caught my eye during "Much On Demand" this afternoon.

You see, when ordinary schmucks call/email in to request the latest moody, screamy track from Billy Talent (more like 'billy no talent' am i rite?), they can put a little message in a crawler at the bottom of the screen. This one today made me chuckle:

hey babe sorry i dumped you today

Odd, though... you'd think if someone was truly sorry about dumping their significant other on this day-of-all-days, they wouldn't go blabbing it, albeit anonymously, to a national television audience.*

However, the end result was that this person earned my respect for (a.) dumping their then-current romantic love interest, and (b.) having the stones to let the country know about it. Kudos, Mystery MuchMusic Watcher! This will go a long way towards me forving you to care enough about MuchMusic to send a message to your now-ex-whatever on one of their shows.

* An audience full of slack-jawed idiots with no taste in music... but an audience nonetheless. That's gotta count for something.


Lindsay said...

J: "More like Billy NO Talent, am I right?"
L: "Oooh! Snap!"

I'm starting the Monday Indie Wake-Up Call on March 5. It'll be sad to do it without you.

Dan said...

What is with these crappy bands naming themselves after secondary characters from Tv and film?

Billy Talent, Fall out Boy...

I mean come on!

S.M. said...

That's very shitty -- what a coward! Didn't have the balls to do it in person/on the phone/via e-mail? Or perhaps, it was an apology and lame attempt to get the previously-dumped significant other back? You never know with these crazy ppl!

Did you have a good day?