Thursday, February 01, 2007

I laughed my balls off.

Firstly, I must state that I have known about, watched, and thoroughly enjoyed Aqua Teen Hunger Force for over a year. Their bizarre antics, perhaps best personified by the characters known as The Mooninites (Ignignokt is the green one, and Err is the magenta one), have caused me to laugh myself stupid on many occasions.


Turner Broadcasting, which owns the cable channel which makes and shows ATHF, pays some twentysomething artist to make a bunch of LED signs in the shape of Ignignokt and stick them up in various places in various cities around the country. These signs have been up in a bunch of cities for at least 2-3 weeks, in an example of "guerilla marketing."

Left: the sign, unlit. Right: the sign, lit up. Taken from eBay, where the current selling price is $1200.

A couple of days ago, some paranoid idiot in Boston saw one of these signs stuck up somewhere and thought something along the lines of, "Oh no! It's a Lite-Brite of a cartoon character giving me the finger! Quick, call the police, we're under attack!"

And then... chaos. Bomb squads called in, Homeland Security in a tizzy, subways shut down, traffic nightmares aplenty. Your basic full-scale, full-blown shit-show.

Read the ridiculous details here.


Dan said...

I'm one of the few that don't watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force and that doesn't look like a bomb to me.

Though I would like to know why the green piece of toast is flipping me off.

JTL said...

Because he comes from the centre.

The centre of the Moon.

And you don't.

Hubert said...

Ha Ha, This is absolutely hilarious

@dan: Because their culture has advanced far beyond anything you can comprehend with 100% of your brain.

JTL said...

And also because their vertical leap is beyond comprehension.

Dan said...

Ah, I see. It's perfectly clear now.

They're just jerks like elephants, leprechauns and chesterfields.