Thursday, February 01, 2007


The UN is going to release its report on Climate Change tomorrow, and it's going to come to the same conclusion that every reputable climatologist already has:


This is no newsflash, folks. Anyone who's anyone in the climatology game (i.e., the study of the Earth's climate) has been saying this for the past two decades.

But, in order to create some sort of TV-worthy air of debate on this, CNN and its ilk have been dredging up any idiot who's willing to be the Counterpoint to the overwhelming Point (which has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, and is in bold, uppercase letters above). Most of said idiots are geophysicists or hack journalists or economists or, well, not climatologists. It's like getting former Cosby Show actor Keisha Knight Pulliam to weigh in on the merit of Stephen Hawking's work on the evaporation of black holes:

Larry King: "Now, Ms. Pulliam, you have no background in particle physics, cosmology, the calculus of Einstein's gravitational field tensors or the intricacies of quantum thermodynamics, but you did play the adorable Rudy Huxtable."

Keisha Knight Pulliam: "That's right, Larry."

LK: "So, what do you think? Do you disagree with Mr. Hawking's assertion that, with the gradual but steady decrease in universal entropy, and the finite half-life of subatomic particles — even though the expectation value on these schmucks may be upwards of 10100 years — black holes will gradually disappear into a cold baryonic mess, or did the guy in the wheelchair get it right?"

KKP: "Hawking's out to lunch."

LK: "Okay, that was Keisha Knight Pulliam, who I must say has filled out quite nicely* in recent years. After the break we'll talk to Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden — is he in cahoots with Nicole Richie? Stay tuned."

So, my pretties, do not be swayed by "experts" that some "reputable" TV shows might plunk down in front of a camera. If they say Global Warming isn't real, or isn't caused by us, they're full of the title of this very blog post.

* Holy shit, has she ever.

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Hubert said...

I totally agree with you about the Global Warming and how the World is dying. I had an excellent vacation in Australia and New Zealand, yet was very depressed to hear about climate change affecting those unique ecosystems. I don't want to take anything away from the great points raised in this article, but I need to say. I don't know why you chose Keisha Knight Pulliam as your example, but I did an imdb search and wowsers! I had no idea going up watching the Cosby Show that that annoying little smart aleck was only 3 or so years younger than me. Blasted reruns ruined my estimation of her age. She is looks fit my friends. I don't regret pining for Alyssa Milano all these years at all but JT, you have opened my eyes: to think I always thought Sandra was the hot one!