Monday, February 26, 2007

Four things for a Monday.

1. Sexy CBC Newsworld Personalities

She's on every so often... but all too briefly. Her name is Sarika Sehgal. I know you've seen her.

Oga Nwobosi, you have been usurped as my Basic Cable Crush.*

2. The Bones of Jesus

A Canadian filmmaker made a documentary about people finding some people named "Jesus, son of Joseph," what translates/transliterates to "Mary Magdalene" and "Judas, son of Jesus" in a tomb together somewhere in the Middle East. DNA evidence suggests Jesus and Mary Magdalene weren't related but were probably spouses, based on how they were buried. Apparently a "Matthew" was in there, too.

You can see where this is going.

While flipping around the dial this evening, I came across Wolf Blitzer in his "Situation Room." He had on as a guest — surprise, surprise — some Catholic priest to talk about this issue.

And you can see where this is going:

Blitzer: "So, what if the DNA evidence proves that these are actually the bones of Jesus?"

(Seriously? Blitzer's expecting an answer like, "Gee, Wolf, I guess if science proves those were actually the bones of my Man the Saviour, I guess we're gonna have to close up shop"?! Puh-leeze.)

Predictable answer from priest: "Well, there's no way that's possible."

...thus proving that, even though you have a "Room," you may not be terribly good at creating "Situations" which help to solve any "Debates."

3. My Memory is Awful

I can't remember what I was going to write as my #3, but I remember thinking, "Oh, I know what my #4 will be." So, here it is.

4. Ron Sexsmith

I wish I enjoyed his music more, I really do. I realize he's a talented songwriter and an accomplished musician, and is a critical darling. But, try as I might, I just can't get into his music. Does this make me a bad Canadian? C'mon, man, I friggin' love Rush with all my heart! Doesn't that make up for it?!

* Sure, she's foxy... but she's actually a darn good anchor as well. I've never seen her flub a line. Rock-solid. Move over, Mansbridge.


Eve said...

She looks so harsh, though. At first I thought she might be pretty but it's hard to determine, more investigation will be necessary.

This is like when I had a crush on Evan Solomon, and then suddenly realized he was a bit of a douchebag.

Eve said...

On a side note, I've had it in for Ron Sexsmith ever since he replaced Our Lady Peace at the Junos that one year (1997?). I was looking forward to that for weeks! One day, Ron Sexsmith, one day I will make you pay.

JTL said...

She ain't harsh. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

...and you're actually broken-up over missing a performance of Our Lady Peace (after 1995)?!