Sunday, February 25, 2007

A conundrum.

Here's a question for all you folks. (For the record, I am in no way involved in this situation. Honest.)

Let's say you meet someone who really sweeps you off your feet: you have tons in common, you know how to make the other person feel great, and you really enjoy spending time together. But one of the people (either you or the other) is going to be leaving the country soon, and not returning for the forseeable future. And let's assume that one person moving to be with the other isn't a viable option.

The question is: would you have been better off if you'd never met that person in the first place?


(Again... I am not involved in this in any way.)


Riz said...

I have a question. Are you involved with this in any way? :)

JTL said...

Very possibly!

...but seriously, no.

Although, I did talk earlier this evening with a person who is, and this person seems to be approaching the situation as well as anyone could. So, all is well.

Hubert said...

I didn't know condundra was the plural, but I guess it makes sense.

As for the situation, there are plenty of fish in the sea, but what sucks is you've lost a lure and hae to spend another whole afternoon in the boat with all those mosquitoes!

S.M. said...

You're probably better off now -- at least you can stop wondering if there's anyone out there who can sweep you off your feet.