Saturday, January 20, 2007

This could get very, very sloppy.

I'm not gonna lie, being a teacher is a pretty sweet gig. Sure, it can cause you to question your sanity from time to time and fear for the future of the country, but between being able to spread my enthusiasm for physics to others and all the red pens I'll ever need in my life, things are pretty decent.

One of the problems, however, is that my entire life is pretty regimented, down to the second, from Labour Day to Canada Day. I get very few weekdays off (and no, PD/PA days are not "days off"), and the ones I do, it seems like everyone else is off as well; I'm never going to get to go on vacation in an off-peak time.

This also obviously puts a crimp in my drinking schedule, confining it largely to Friday and Saturday evenings for ten months a year (and most Friday evenings I'm so bagged I'd just rather go to bed at 11 anyway). Ritual, the Friday-noon-to-6 boozefest at Clark Hall Pub on the lovely Main Campus of Queen's University, was great when I was a grad student, but is now sadly a dream.

...except next Friday, which is during our school's exam period, and I don't have to supervise any students that day. Ergo, I propose a T.O.—to—K-town road trip to Ritual.

Put on yer drinkin' shoes, kids!


Eve said...

Which next Friday, this next Friday? The 26th?

Anonymous said...

That is the greatest idea I have ever heard. Sadly, my inability to move or drink prohibits me from joining you. Boo-urns indeed.


kelly o! said...

don't you still have to be in school during exams?