Thursday, January 04, 2007

There's a fine line between innovation and involuntary manslaughter.

From today's London Free Press, reporting on a story in a corner of southwestern Ontario not too far from where I grew up:

Wiper-fluid punch suspected in death

One person is dead and three are in hospital after drinking punch mixed in an windshield-washer fluid container at two holiday parties in Chatham-Kent.

The host of one of the parties, Rebecca Demeurichy, 25, died yesterday after drinking punch that police think was contaminated with windshield-wiper fluid, which contains methyl alcohol.

Her husband, Rob Demeurichy, is one of the three people being treated at a London hospital.

Police said they are still investigating whether the contamination was intentional.

One person was in critical and another in serious condition at London Health Sciences Centre after being flown by air ambulance from Erieau.

Sure, they're handly containers — four litres, tightly sealed top, and a handle good for grasping whilst mixing the ingredients for your next batch of Purple Jesus. Chances are you have a very nearly empty one lying around, if you own a car.

But, here's a tip: if you have a container which held something so toxic as to have the ol' "skull and crossbones" picture on it... you're probably just better off using something else to mix the ingredients for the punch at your Christmas and/or New Year's house party.


Bob Coatsworth said...

I grew up in the area too. It was pretty scary this morning to hear about this. I know of the people, they went to my high school. Today has been a scramble to find out more info about who all was at the party.

Anonymous said...

A mistake is a mistake.. If you actually knew the individuals in this horrible accident then you would know what actually happened. The news is almost always incorrect in reporting their stories. Expecially if the families and other village members are not speaking to the media. So there I said what I had to say. It was a mistake!!!