Saturday, January 13, 2007

I'm scared.

About a week and a half ago, I heard Steely Dan's "Peg" over the speakers pumping tunes into my local Food Basics. I chuckled, as it was used as intro music for episode #2 of Yacht Rock, the one in which the Back Alley Songwriting Contest pitted Hall & Oates against Loggins & McDonald.

My brother picked up the album which contains "Peg," Aja, for a buck a couple of years ago. One day, when I was over at his house, I put it on and thought, "This is really well-put-together music. Too bad it's well-put-together elevator music." I thought it would be fun to download "Peg" for a closer listen — after all, it contains an instance of the mystical "mu major" chord (otherwise known as the "Steely Dan chord" for their propensity to throw it in). I figured I'd listen to it a couple of times, satiate my curiosity, and relegate it to the dustbin; after all, it's elevator music, right?

Well, it's a week later, and I'm FUCKING ADDICTED TO THIS ALBUM. It's scary because it's cheesy and schmaltzy and I know I just lost 300 cool-points, but... god damn it's complex. I like complexity in my music, and everything Steely Dan does is for a reason: there are absolutely no mistakes, as evidenced by the process for selecting someone to play the guitar solo in "Peg". (Legend has it that they brought in at least 7 or 8 different guitarists until someone played a solo they liked.)

So, at this very moment, I'm listening to Aja for the second time today. This is very strange: I normally allow at least 2 days between successive spins of an album... hence my concern.


Eve said...

I've been listening to Aja recently too. Buddy, Steely Dan is an incredible band. Dirty Work is one of my favourite songs. (My favourite songs list is about 100 songs long, but that still means they're in the top 100.) Anyhoo, words of encouragement, etc. Steely Dan is awesome.

Eve said...

Side Note: Can't Buy a Thrill and Pretzel Logic are even better, pick them up.