Sunday, January 28, 2007

A comparison.

Figuring out how to take a screen capture of a DVD took me friggin' long enough, so I'm damn well gonna share my success with the world. (Long story short: under Linux use VLC, even if you have to armwrestle it into submission to correctly play a DVD. Nothing else seems to work.)

While watching Jackass Number Two, I noticed something about Bam Margera: namely, that from certain angles, he bears a striking ressemblence to my friend Matt. I've mentioned him before here: he was the one who got marooned in Asuncion, Paraguay with nonfuncional bank cards and no cash to get home, his mom's car broke down in Tennessee while driving back from Mexico and he begged me to drive to Buffalo to pick him and his friend and his friend's worldly possessions up, and is the world's worst filler-outer of paperwork.

First, Mr. Margera showing off an implement of "Medicine-Ball Dodgeball":
And now, Matt while in attendance at a hockey game in Switzerland:
I think it's probably mostly the half-goatee and the dopey look (I didn't capture Matt's too well there, but he's capable of pulling off a Margera-esque one, for sure). Anyway, this was largely an exercise in figuring out how to capture stills from a DVD, and now it turns out I can, so... just keep going about your daily lives as before.

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