Sunday, December 17, 2006


White Cowbell Oklahoma had its annual Xmas show down at Lee's Palace last night.

I shook some confetti from my hair this morning.


The place was packed, but we somehow managed to wiggle our way into the crowd about six rows back from the stage, which contained all manner of debauchery. The plot — all WCO shows have one — was that WCO was involved in a court case against the Devil, and the judge was none other than Se├ín Cullen (minus his trademark porkpie hat).

The strippers were deployed relatively early — at the beginning of the third song, by my count — and there were three of them this time (although only one managed to actually get topless, and even then I think she was wearing pasties). One of them insisted on grinding against a speaker for a good portion of the show, so that was entertaining; also, whenever Santa appeared on stage (it is the Christmas season, you know), he seemed to attract a scantily-clad woman or two. I believe Santa also "urinated" on the crowd through a giant prosthetic penis. (I hope it was prosthetic; it was three feet long.)

At two instances in the guitar-soaked show, confetti (both paper and little shiny round bits) poured down from the ceiling. The chainsawman cut up three industrial-sized rolls of toilet paper, mounted on an H-shaped rig of sorts, which made for an interesting visual (although I daresay the previous show where he cut up a giant novelty stuffed animal, the kind you'd get at Canada's Wonderland, made for a better effect as he threw the "entrails" out into the crowd).

The music, of course, was classic Cowbell. The grinder was deployed at two instances in the show, and the four-guitar attack made me weep tears of joy when they all came to the front of the stage and strummed harmoniously during the instrumental break in "Southern Grace". Also, a few times they played a 3-D movie on the screen behind the band (although the band members themselves sorta blocked my view); the consensus was that they were old porno flicks of some sort.

Anyway, all in all, it was awesome. Supremely awesome, and pure Rock And Roll.

"Put the South in your mouth, pretty baby!"

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