Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Intellectual Whores and Ladder Theory.

I stumbled upon a link to a website which contains a theory about how men and women size each other up, whimsically titled Ladder Theory. I read the entire thing and, while some of the language gets a little salty at times, I could not find one single thing with which I fundamentally disagreed.

After perusing a bit of the rest of the site, I came upon the author's definition of "intellectual whore" and quickly realized that, lo and behold, I fit this description all too often. I've been told randomly by a girl — and not just on one isolated occasion — "Tell me something interesting." Those exact same words, too. Hence the chilling effect it had on me.

I scoured a good deal of the rest of the site and, again, I couldn't find anything with which I disagreed. This is surprising, given the author's sometimes-slapdash approach to spelling and grammar: normally, if someone has typos I eventually come across a bunch of BS (or stuff I see as BS because I already don't like them because of their grammar/spelling). Alas... this fellow speaks the truth. The bitter goddamn truth.

Read up. Especially you ladies.

In other news, my observation that it's impossible to have a short and informed conversation with a fundamentalist Christian about pretty much anything was reconfirmed.


Mike said...

Jason I think you need to cheer up and stop worrying about lonely, bitter people on the internet!

C Pearce said...

Funny how you hate when people have bad spelling and grammar, but you your self made a spelling mistake in your first paragraph! you intellectual whore.

JTL said...

Pearce: I dutifully fixed the mistake; thanks for pointing it out. In my defence, though, I was exceedingly tired when I wrote the above. (Oh, also, your comment contains two grammatical errors, as long as we're on the topic.)

chelle said...


An Old Man said...

Is this real? I ask because I consider you the authority on Detroit baseball.

"The Tigers believe that the wrist and forearm inflammation that plagued Zumaya on two occasions last season was a result of the reliever playing a PlayStation 2 game called "Guitar Hero" and not from gripping his pitches too intensely"

Zoe said...

Wow. I'd like to have that man's babies. (Possibly because he'd probably reject me, thus making him incredibly attractive. As per the theory.)

- nee

(btw, what's up with google/blogger? It won't let me log in anymore. Weird)

JTL said...

Old Man: Could be. I wouldn't put it past The Zoomer; he's barely old enough to drink in the States.

Nee: I think enough women in the Metro Detroit area are already offering up their ovaries to Mr. Zumaya, thanks.

Eve said...

The next woman you see, I want you to call her a bitch. Then I will believe that you agree with everything ladder theory is.

But seriously, you don't actually believe it, do you?