Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A fantastic idea.

Teenagers are pretty goddamn dumb sometimes. That's alright, it's not their fault; they're still learning how to be semicompetent members of society. (It's a steep curve.) But one of my students had an idea which may just prove revolutionary in terms of laboratory cuisine.

It started a couple of weeks ago when this intrepid young fellow — we'll call him Steve — asked about the last day before the Christmas break, and if we could have a party in class. Seeing as how our normal activities on that day include watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and passing out candy canes to the third-or-so of our students who decide to show up, I figured I might as well just spring it on him that we won't be splitting too many atoms on the afternoon of Friday, December 22 and that, sure, we could do something fun.

Little did I know he was concocting an idea so brilliant I'm surprised nobody has won a Nobel Prize in Culinary Arts:

Bunsen-Burner S'mores.

We have a couple of Bunsen Burners. I can acquire some giant marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate. We'll figure out how to make some skewers for the roasting of said marshmallows. And we shall dine on the greatest s'mores ever made.

(The trick is, though, figuring out how long it takes to sufficiently toast a marshmallow over a Bunsen Burner flame, which burns much hotter than a campfire: 1950°C to 1200°C. But hey, it's a science class, a little experimentation is always appreciated.)

(Holy crap, I'm such a geek.)

(But so is the dude who came up with the idea.)


kelly o! said...

you're waaaaaay nicer than i am.

JTL said...

I also have access to Bunsen Burners. I'm guessing you don't.

kelly o! said...

i do have access to.... stools? which two of the boys in the art class started stacking today. so i asked them what it all meant and then had the whole class name it and tell me about it.

but anyway, i was referring to the fact that my art class has something due on friday, my film class needs to have everything planned for their next project by friday (because we start filming the first day back), and my drama class.... well....

chelle said...

heh, kelly-o you're my kind of gal(guy)! my students are writing and exam on their last day :) (it was their choice). bunsen burner smores does sound like something i could definitely get into though.