Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The November Blahs.

November is a crappy month, for many reasons:
  • The weather is always dreary. If it's not raining, which it is now, it's snowing. If it's not raining or snowing, it's probably cat-and-dogging, which is when cats and dogs fuck in the streets.
  • I get zero days off. In most calendar months there's at least one holiday, or exams, or something to break up the monotony. Not this one.
  • Baseball season is far away. This one is mitigated somewhat by the afterglow of my Tigers winning the American League... but "pitchers and catchers" is still three months away.
  • It gets dark early. And it just keeps getting darker earlier and earlier, until you start to wonder if the night will eventually swallow the entire day. I suggest praying to Ra.
  • It's the eleventh month. But its name suggests it should be the ninth. Whoa, that's wacky!
Also, if my own personal schedule is to be believed, November is the month assigned to endless meetings and special events. This is the only day this week I don't have something stupid to do over and above my teaching duties... and I still stayed late at work. How stupid is that?

Fortunately, naps on the couch are the great equalizer. I have absolutely no idea what time I zonked out earlier this evening, but I woke up at around 9:30 tonight and the TV was turned to CBC Newsworld. ('Cause that's how I roll.)

So, in conclusion, blaaarrrrrrrgggghhhhh. Is it Christmas yet?

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chelle said...

ah ha! there are perks to living in SK - our dedication to long weekends! and full days devoted to PD. jump on board, it makes life at school much more bearable.