Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Midterm erections.

Basically, it's what I got from the midterm elections south of the border.

Now, don't get me wrong — the Dems taking control of the House (and apparently now the Senate, now that Virginia appears to have been lost by George "Macaca" Allen) is a great thing. The big problem I see is that the Democrats didn't really win this election so much as they ran on the "We're Not Dubya Fans Either" platform.

Mind you, that's not such a bad platform on which to run these days, as it seems to have worked very effectively for them. But, by 2008, they'd better have a coherent vision for how they want the country to run... because it's far superior to vote for something than against something else.


Anonymous said...

This is the hip new platform taking North America by storm! Just ask Steve "We're not the Liberal Party" Harper.

Dan said...

This sounds utterly pessimistic but with the Dems controlling the house and the senate, they may just stone wall everything and nothing would be accomplished. And Bush may do the same.

Though, in order to secure some form of adequate legacy, to stroke his ego and maybe as another attempt to upstage his father, he may accept some one or two of the larger reforms the democrats want.

The democratic "old guard" are probably going to be overtaken by the younger "Blue Dogs". They have some strong ideas and they could easily get support from centrist republican voters.