Saturday, November 25, 2006

Five things for a Saturday.

1. Get thee to The Bees' Myspace page and tune thine ears in to "Left Foot Stepdown." Judging from the three new tracks they have posted there, I think they've hit the nail on the head when they describe the new album as being a mix of the first two excellent full-lengthers, Sunshine Hit Me and Free the Bees; the former was recorded in their backyard shed, the latter in the same EMI studio that this other obscure British band used back in the '60s, I think their drummer was named "Ringo" or something. Anyway, the new record was made in a basement.

2. I napped on my couch last night from 7 until midnight, then promptly went to bed and slept another eight hours. That's gotta be some sort of personal-best.
3. Paul Mooney has a take on the whole Michael Richards fiasco; apparently Mooney has known Richards for thirty years. (If you'll kindly recall, he had a few skits on Chapelle's Show entitled "Ask A Black Dude," and one memorable episode of "Mooney On Movies.") I think the best line from Mooney's observations is, when asked if Richards can redeem himself, he opined, "He can take that same act and perform at the Apollo. Then he can come back and talk to me."

4. Pizza is way better reheated in the oven in comparison to the microwave. It gets all crispy and crunchy and delicious again.

5. I was asked by the secretary in the Graduate Studies Office at Queen's to write up a blurb, for later publication after I successfully defend my thesis, about what I'm up to these days. I'm hesitant to do that, to be honest — I feel like I'd be jinxing myself. Now, I'm certainly not one to believe in jinxes and superstition and curses and all that hooey, but... I dunno, I feel like my thesis defence is constantly in danger as it is, and I don't need any help from any spooky, unknown forces to knock it off its shaky precipice. (Not that I think it's a bad thesis, not by any means — I totally kick ass and take names — but so far it's been governed by Murphy's Law.)

That's all for now. Next time, we'll look at body piercing. Are 44 holes in your body enough? Tune in and see.

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kelly o! said...

it's a good thing you napped on friday, 'cause i didn't get home from painting until 9ish, and then proceeded to crash on my couch.