Sunday, November 05, 2006


Oh, it's reached "phenomenon" status, alright.

Last night I attended a screening with a friend of mine. We went to the 9:40 show, and the lineup to get into the theatre snaked all the way through the lobby. Acquiring two seats together in a place which didn't require massive neck-craning and seat-slouching proved to be an impossible task, even though we showed up to the theatre a good 20 minutes before showtime (we'd bought tickets beforehand; they had to have been sold out).

Now, about the film...

I am a fan of random humour, as evidenced by my liking of Kids in the Hall and Jackass. I am also a fan of films/novels that place seemingly-regular people into bizarre situations, which is a common device in many works by Kurt Vonnegut. So, when Borat gets around to interviewing 2-time Republican presidential hopeful (and certified crazy-person) Alan Keyes and describes his previous night spent in the company of two gentlemen from the Gay Pride parade, and Keyes having to break it to him that the guys who put a rubber fist in his anus the night before were, in fact, homosexuals... that's just good comedy.

I don't want to give too much else away. I will say this, however... there have been probably a half-dozen times in my life when I've laughed so hard I've been (a.) unable to control my arms and legs and (b.) rendered unable to make any noise, owing to the fact I can't inhale enough air so that, when I exhale, enough air passes over my vocal cords in order to make a sound. Last night's screening was one of these rare instances.

Then, when the movie ended at about 11:30, a guy from the theatre said that, because there was such a crush of people in the lobby (at 11:30 at night, for chrissakes!), we were to exit the theatre directly into the parking lot.

I usually plant myself firmly outside the mainstream on pretty much everything, but it's nice once in a while to be part of a bonafide, genuine phenomenon.


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Lindsay said...

Nothing says stress relief like laughing so hard you're silently flailing.