Sunday, October 08, 2006

A shameless cry for attention.

It warms my heart to see comments on this blog, it really does. I've always thought of this space as being a two-way street; I'll throw something out there for consideration, and see what you think of it.

Alas, my topics of choice lately — baseball, politics and my dismal failure of a love-life — haven't elicited a whole lot of responses, so maybe I'll shift gears a bit here this evening and give some attention to subjects about which I wouldn't normally write. So, here goes.

1. Puppies
They're so adorable! Except when they shit on the carpet. Then you just sorta wanna hit 'em with a brick.

2. Cordless Telephones
You'd have thought this piece of technology would've been ironed-out by now. But my parents recently bought one of those newfangled 2.4-GHz models, and the interference rendered the thing unusable. This is progress?!

3. Quarters
They're probably the handiest coin we have. They fit into everything, especially the coin-operated washing machine and dryer in the basement of my building. I hoard them these days.

4. Rubberneckers
If two cars are off on the shoulder of the highway, don't slow down to gawk at the scene: just KEEP MOVING, you jerks. I had enough of you on the road this afternoon... both to and from my destination.

5. Sand
I walked through a childrens' playground last night, and got sand in the treads of my sneakers. Now I have sand all over my house. That stuff really tracks everywhere! I hate sand.

Now, as my old baseball coach used to say, "Talk it up out there!"


kelly o! said...

no comment.

Anonymous said...

why are you wearing your shoes in the house?

JTL said...

I just had my shoes by the mat on which I normally place them, but some of the sand got knocked off onto the floor around it, without me noticing it. Then I mistakenly walked through it, and voila, sand in a lot of places.

Dan said...

Arg, if only there was a post about baseball!

Eve said...

Maf54: I walked through a childrens' playground last night, and got sand in the treads of my sneakers. What are you wearing?

JTL said...

Eve, you rock my socks.