Sunday, October 01, 2006

Oh yeah, another thing.

Before I forget... let me impart this little piece of wisdom to the 51-or-so percent of the population that happens to be female:

If you're really, really friendly towards a guy — especially if we find you attractive — and you never mention a boyfriend over an extended period of time, we're going to think you're showing interest in us. Please, in the future, if you've been dating a guy since May, could you at least drop us a hint in the first few minutes, just so we know where we stand? It seems like a small thing, and it is, but it could really turn out to be quite important down the line.

Thanks in advance,



chelle said...

ha! i had this happen to me in reverse once so the male species is equally guilty.

6 months of flirting, math assignments, trip reports etc. only to find out that those trips were visits to see his girlfriend!

kelly o! said...

aw. poor you.

maybe everyone just needs a sign/check list attached to them?

single (check)
friendly (check)
friendly, but not because i'm interested (check)

(add your own categories)

Eve said...

I'm just going to represent all the girls out there who have guys be nice to them and never notice (despite female sensitivity about these things) that the guy's interested and then suddenly get attacked because they were leading the guy on. If the only interest you have in a girl is for her boobs, please mention this within the first 5 minutes so we're on the same page.