Saturday, October 14, 2006

Meet your American League champions.

New York Yankees? Nope.

Boston Red Sox? Nope.

Minnesota Twins? Nope.

A team that, before this year, had endured twelve straight losing seasons, got spurned by Juan Gonzalez when they dangled a giant novelty cheque with some giant novelty numbers on it a few years ago, and last won a World Series during Ronald Reagan's campaign to get re-elected?

You bet.

This is awesome. I just can't use any other word to describe how it feels to have your team, who you've lived and died with — mostly died — for all these years, and... wow, now they have a shot at winning the whole goddamn thing.

So, if you want to get in touch with me, hang out for the evening, that sort of thing... between now and the end of October, you're going to have to consult with a baseball schedule to see if I'm available. If there's a game on, my ass will be firmly planted on my couch. (You're more than welcome to come over, though.)

Just awesome.

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Dan said...

This was a great game. It was certainly looking grim early on when the Tiger's were down 3-0. But they came raging back. Good for them.

All we need now is a montage, a feel good 80s rock ballad and we've got the script of every cheesy baseball movie.

Who would you like them to play in the next round? The Ny Mets or the Cards?