Monday, October 30, 2006

I friggin' love this country.

I caught a bit of The Hour tonight — George, will you be my friend? Please? We'll have tzatziki when we hang out, I promise — and there was a little clip from tomorrow night's Rick Mercer Report to act as a "teaser" to get you to "watch."

It seems as if Rick, no friend of Conservative governments here or abroad, spent a night at 24 Sussex Drive. (For those of you not familiar with the intricacies of Canadian politics, that's the Prime Minister's residence.) Now, Stephen Harper can't be much of a fan of Rick Mercer, to be sure... but ol' Steve agreed to be in the bit and ham it up for the cameras: among other things, the clip showed Rick with Steve's two school-age kids playing floor-hockey in the foyer of 24 Sussex, and Steve coming down the stairs shouting, "Hey, you kids, keep it down! I'm trying to work!"

This is great comedy, for sure, and I'll be watching (or taping, as I despise commercials). But, consider an analogue for this situation south of the border: "conservative head of government lets unabashedly liberal comedian into his home for a bit on a fake news show." It's not hard to envision how a conversation between Dubya's people and Jon Stewart would go...

* * * * * * *

Jon Stewart: "Hey, could we come in to the White House and goof around and tape stuff for our show?"

Dubya's Hired Goon: "Why do you love terrorism?"

JS: "Hey, c'mon, it's comedy. We're just messing around, having a laugh. Surely that can't be a terrorist threat!"

DHG: "So, you would rather have Saddam back in power, would you?"

JS: "Aw, screw it, we'll just have Fareed Zakaria on again, if it fits his schedule."

DHG: "We don't believe in making schedules or timetables. We will fight to win in Iraq!"

* * * * * * *

Yeah, I doubt that'd ever get off the drawing board. But, up here, that's just your average Tuesday-night political satire.

God damn I love Canada.


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Good point, but it wasn't entirely without incident:

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