Sunday, October 01, 2006

Bob Woodward never ceases to amaze me.

He and Carl Bernstein broke open the Watergate scandal... and you'd think that a story that big (they don't get much bigger) would be some pretty hefty laurels upon which to rest.

I guess it's just too easy to do that when you have a moron of the calibre of Dubya with his finger on the button, though.

I'm kicking myself for missing his interview on 60 Minutes (the only news source on American television that I even come remotely close to trusting)... but I'm tickled pink that there are lots of juicy clips available here.

Watch. Be amazed at his ability to get Cheney and Rumsfeld to talk.

Then be concerned. Very concerned.

In other news, The Who were fantastic last night (the new, 6-song Wire & Glass "mini-opera" was vintage Pete), and my niece keeps babbling and singing and running all over the place.

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