Saturday, September 02, 2006

Two hours of Seán.

Seán Cullen is a funny, funny guy. I mean, look at him:

How could he not be hilarious, with that hat and that impish smirk? This summer he had a show for ten weeks on CBC Radio 1, for one all-too-short hour every Saturday morning, wherein he freestyled in his own inimitably-random way; today he talked about duotang famines, mused about how "Shadow of the Stampede" would be a great album title, and suggested that Andy Stochansky's last name might not be of Eastern European origin at all, but may in fact be the French word for corn-on-the-cob. Oh, he plays some great indie-rock, too, and mostly Canadian to boot.

Anyway, if you routinely missed him because, for you (like me), getting up at 10 on a Saturday morning is often too difficult, fear not! He will be on Radio 1 on Labour Day afternoon, from noon until 2 pm. Hooray! Two whole hours of Seán! Get your Giggling Shoes on, because you'll need 'em for a hundred and twenty minutes.


'nee said...

Holy cow, was he ever punchy this morning. Giggling madly. It was infectious, like flesh-eating disease! Brought over from South American on the duotang barges!

Lindsay said...

Hooray! I missed him this Saturday b/c I was in Montreal, but he's exactly what I want to listen to tomorrow afternoon while I'm painting. Great news!! I love Simply Sean.