Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Thesis? I don't have a thesis.

Sure, I'm still paying a bit of tuition. But hey, at least it's part-time, and I'm earning a salary these days, so I can hack it.

Sure, it's been strewn all over my desk, basically untouched, for the past two weeks. But hey, it's a pretty even work-surface; I don't even notice it anymore.

Sure, people ask me about it all the time: "So, how's the thesis?" But hey, I can usually explain it away by saying I'm back teaching, and that keeps me pretty busy.

Which it does.

A colleague of mine, who did her M.Ed. part-time a few years ago, had to explain to her supervisor, "Listen, this thing is going to get worked-on during Christmas, March Break and summers." That's a pretty good attitude to take, I think.


When I'm in the classroom, or doing stuff related to it, I'm actually helping kids right now. I make a difference in their lives (usually for the better, I hope) and that's worth a lot to me.

When I'm working on my thesis, I'm chipping away at something which will probably never be read by anyone after my defence, possibly not even me. And since it takes forever to get any word back on how I'm doing — and it's usually bad when I do get it — let's just say I'm not terribly motivated to work on it these days. Negative (or no) reinforcement, thank you very much.

In conclusion, my new car is sexolicious.

Next time, we'll look at the choices today's youth face: paper or plastic? University or college? Crack or PCP? The options are endless, the possibilities boundless.

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