Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Let's name this bastard.

If all goes to plan, I'll have a new Pontiac G5 Pursuit (2-door, black) in my garage by Monday night. This will be sweet.

In the past few days, a co-worker and I have managed to come up with the name "Deathcar" for my current ride, owing to its penchant for belching possibly-carcinogenic fumes as small amounts of engine coolant drop and sizzle and smoke on a hot part of the exhaust manifold. Fitting, I think.

...which got me to thinking about naming my future set of wheels. Caling it "Son of Deathcar" would be too cheap, and calling it "Wendy" just wouldn't make any sense. So, are there any ideas from the peanut-gallery out there?


kelly o! said...


No wait, that's from Battlestar....

Call it "Car." Carrie? Caroline? Carol? Carrot?

Dan said...

Shamu? Godzilla? Charlene?

But, I bet you end up calling it "The Bastard" because of this blog title.

kelly o! said...


Ryan said...

I'm a firm believer in naming cars. "The Beast" (my '91 Caprice Classic) and "Mercules" can attest to that.

You're moving up in horsepower. Perhaps "deathcoupe" or "deathracer"? Or a play on words on Pontiac Pursuit. Pontiac Lawsuit, mayhaps?

Also, I like "Blackbeard". Not sure why, I just do.

Anonymous said...

If it's a G5, why not call it "Mac"?

-- The Lone Banana

JTL said...

Because, "Lone Banana," Macs no longer use the G5 processor.

Aside: Deathcar is no longer mine. We transferred the ownership and the plates this morning, with the assistance of a very surly woman in Corunna, Ontario. I surmised she was not pleased to be working on a Saturday.