Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Set your VCRs!

Other people still have VCRs, right? People haven't all switched to recordable Blu-Ray High-Definition DVD Minidisc Laserdisc discs, have they?

Anyhoo, assuming you have a VCR — or you're planning on being awake and coherent at 11:30 tonight (12:30 am on CTV, if you don't have cable) — be aware that Damian Kulash from OK Go, everybody's favourite amateur dancers, will be on the Colbert Report tonight. I'm not sure in what capacity this will be (I don't think it'll be in the last act, as the interview segment is apparently scheduled for someone named Gideon Yago), but Damian's a pretty neat guy, so I'm sure he'll make it worth your while.

In other fake-news news, I laughed my ass off a couple of nights ago when Reza Aslan was asked by Jon Stewart to rate how the Middle East is faring these days, on a scale from "fucked" to "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked". Aslan, having noticed that, earlier on that evening's show, Samuel L. Jackson dropped a ton of m-f-bombs in a fake interview in a piece done by Samantha Bee, responded, "You know, I'd be tempted to say it's 'motherfucked'."

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