Friday, August 25, 2006

I need my space.

I don't mean relationshipwise, and I don't mean my neglected MySpace page.

I'm talking about spaces before and after dashes. Specifically, how the APA is way off base, and so are my thesis advisor-type-people.

To me, it looks much nicer if dashes have spaces around them — like this — as to give them a little bit of breathing-room. It looks nice, it looks balanced.

Instead, though, the freaks over there at APA want you to jam it all together—like this—and screw the consequences. Everything is all mashed in together, and it looks wrong wrong wrong.

But, apparently I don't know shit about shit, so I'll go along with their little dog-and-pony show.

Holy crap, it's late. I wish my peak productivity hours weren't so bloody "wee."

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