Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Allow me to allay your fears.

A buddy of mine told me today, "Dude, your blog is pretty melancholy lately. Are you alright?"

Let me assure you that I am doing quite fine, recent thesis-related events notwithstanding. I am in relatively good health (my recent bouts with "the Syph," polio and the Black Plague seem to have abated), I'm becoming more deeply immersed in the genius that is Chappelle's Show by the day (the mere premise of having a character named "Ashy Larry" defies all logic, and hilariously so), and while I do not have any faith whatsoever in my car being able to survive without a costly incident in the next few months, I managed to take care of a couple of dashboard warning-lights this past weekend (without resorting to just covering the lights with a strip of black electrical tape, which a friend of mine has done).

(By the way, would anyone be interested in buying a 2000 Pontiac Sunfire, black, 2-door, A/C, automatic, 147000 km, relatively new tires and brakes, in very good condition? If so, let's talk.)

When I'm down in the dumps and feeling sorry for myself — maybe I got rejected by a lady, or my thesis supervisor poured sugar in my gas tank, or my latest order of Franklin Mint souvenir gravy boats is on back-order — I try to snap things into perspective by considering the following tidbits of information:
  • My family is in reasonably good health.
  • I am relatively debt-free; the amount I do have, I've planned to be out of within a year.
  • I live in the greatest country in the world.
  • I have had one easy goddamn life in comparison to a lot of my students.
  • The songs of Blue Öyster Cult are still in heavy rotation on many classic rock stations.
...and so on. Usually the mopiness ends with me telling myself, "C'mon, J, snap out of it. Your life is just about as cushy as anyone's could ever be. Whatever problems you have are so fucking petty in comparison to a lot of other peoples', they aren't even worth mentioning. So, stop with all this bullshit and suck it up, Princess."

Perspective, folks. That's all it takes sometimes. Don't worry about me; I'm alright.

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