Wednesday, July 19, 2006

She was right; I lost my shit when I heard this.

Okay, see, whatever you were going to do on Friday night, WIPE THOSE PLANS THE FUCK OFF THE SLATE.

Friday, July 21
Lee's Palace (Bathurst & Bloor)

If you have never been witness to the greatness of KS — mayhaps you did not attend Queen's University in the early '00s, and/or didn't make your way to Clark Hall Pub on Monday nights — they are the funniest band alive. They're a trio (usually), and they write songs that list people with beards or big teeth or that recommend certain dishes at Cambodiana or describe how one of their moms had an affair with Roberto Alomar Jr. or how one of them got dumped by their girlfriend on Christmas Eve over ICQ or one simply entitled "Every Time I See Islamic Art I Think Of You".

So, in short, it will be the greatest live musical performance that Toronto has ever seen. KS has a blog here; I suggest you check it out.

And I will see you at the show.


kelly o! said...

have fun.

send them my regards. i'm reminded of the fact that i probably still owe them some photos. guess i should email derek at some point.

Muffin said...

oh my goodness, I would die. I really want to drive down to Toronto.