Friday, July 21, 2006

It's time for another survey.

To take part in a little survey, click here.

This worked a little while ago when I asked for your input as to what utensil to use for eating breakfast cereal. (If you'll recall, teaspoon nearly beat out tablespoon, with one vote cast for "fingers" — Kelly, we're not at Medieval Times, we use utensils.) And so it comes to pass...

Survey Number Two:
A Survey Concerning The Application
Of Chemical Substances
To The Underarm Area
For The Purpose Of
Preventing Odours

This was borne out of a conversation I had recently in which the other person asked if I used deodorant. I replied, "No, I use anti-perspirant." The aforementioned other person asked, astonished, "You mean, every day? I don't ever use any; I don't sweat."* And thus, a need to cast this question out to the wider masses was realized.

Your choices:
  1. Anti-perspirant
  2. Deodorant
  3. Other substance
  4. Nothing
So, vote via comment, and I'll tally it up. (If you can figure out how to keep your vote anonymous, I don't mind if you do so. But I'll ask that you kindly only vote once; keep in mind my StatCounter thing can track IP addresses of all voters, so I can see if you're stuffing the ballot box.)

Vote #1 is from me, and it's for anti-perspirant. (Sure, the aluminum compounds might speed up any Alzheimer's that might happen later on... but c'mon, at least I'll smell good.) Your turn.

* The hell you don't. It's not like I've ever been around you and thought, "Holy hell, you smell like a city garbage strike," but seriously, thirty-four damn degrees today, you're gonna fuckin' sweat.

I dated this for Friday, because I'd like for this to stay at the top of my blog for a while. Don't worry, I didn't travel to the future or anything. Honest.


kelly o! said...

"Fingers" is a good answer. Consider all the "finger foods" out there, Jason.

Muffin said...

Anti-perspirant. It constantly breaks, however, if I run or walk in the sun or do pretty much anything. I really need to find a good brand.

Recommendation for future survey: Best anti-perspirant suggestions. Do my work for me, darn it!

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Never used deodorant/antiperspirant, never will. We've all been brainwashed into thinking we need this stuff! I don't smell! Honest!

Anonymous said...

My roommate wants to vote, she always wears deodorant.


'nee said...

Anti-antiperspirant. The white stick stuff NOT the gross roll-on stuff because it's all cold and icky and it doesn't dry and when it does it gets sticky and yuck.