Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Hoff takes on Wimbledon.

So, former Baywatch star David Hasselhoff — much-beloved in Germany, but clearly B-list in the rest of the western world — tried to bust into a match at Centre Court, without a ticket.

Apparently, David screamed at the guards, "Do you know who I am? I'm The Hoff." (my emphasis)

The Hoff being led away by security


EDIT (5:52 pm): This is the greatest music video in the history of music videos. Seriously, it kicks the shit out of "Thriller".

EDIT #2 (7:16 pm): I can not. stop. watching. that video. Listen carefully to the lyrics and tell me that isn't a manifesto for a pedophiliac. Plus, the air-guitaring? Peerless. "Don't Hassel The Hoff"? Priceless. References to Baywatch? Shameless. Plus, check out the computer animation... it looks like it's straight out of a Grade 11 student's final project on Flash. Wow.

EDIT #3 (7:21 pm): For some reason, I can't stop bleeding out of my eyes.

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