Friday, July 21, 2006

Getting busy these days.

Oh... you and your dirty mind. I didn't mean that kind of "getting busy." Silly perverts!

Summer school is drawing to a close. I've basically had no life five days a week since July 3, because from the time I get up until my head hits the pillow (where it spends too little time these days) I'm either at work, recovering from work, or doing work at home (or procrastinating from doing said work; e.g., times like right now). Fortunately, there are two more days of classes left, then a review day, then the exam day, then a day where kids can come in and do some extra little assignments to boost their mark and/or watch Apollo 13 (we're doing the Space unit, so it's germane to the subject matter).

Right after that — literally, I'll be leaving straight from work next Thursday — is my buddy Paul's wedding, down in London. I'm in the wedding party (he's not having one single Best Man, as he doesn't believe in choosing favourites, which is fine by me because I've already been one), and let me tell you, I'm a-gonna get druuuuuuuuuuuunk at that reception. I will be taking my revenge out on this hellish July by drowning the fourth-last day of it in liquor, clad in a tux. The rehearsal dinner (and subsequent rehearsal) is Thursday night, which means I'll be trying to go through Toronto on the 401 at about 3:30 pm. Yeah, that's gonna go well.

Also, it's 95% for-sure that my thesis defence will be Wednesday, August 16th. I finally had to send an ultimatum to my advisor: "Come on, guy, let's get this thing defended so I can stop Queen's from sticking me up for my cash once a month." It looks like things are moving forward alright, but I have to send a copy of my ready-for-defence thesis off sometime next week... the last week of summer school classes, and the days right before leaving for this wedding thing. Guess what I'll be doing this weekend! That's right, thesis revisions. For the umpteenth time. Oh well, at least there's an end in sight.

But there ain't no way I'm missing that Khaki Snack/Radical Dudez gig on Friday night. Plus, maybe a little Clerks II beforehand. Busy, indeed.

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