Sunday, June 11, 2006

Knuckleballers can be so prescient.

From Jim Bouton's website, dated October 14, 2002 (remember, the "Coalition of the Willing" invaded Iraq in March '03):

Q: Do you think President Bush is making the right decision in taking up a war with Iraq?
Danny Diaz - Bronx, New York

A: No. For the simple reason that we lack the cross-cultural expertise — wide fluency in middle eastern languages would be a minimum — to manage the aftermath of such a war. Of course if we had that expertise, we might not have to fight in the first place. Our weapons scientists are way ahead of our social scientists. We are cowboys with lasers. Monkeys at the controls of a rocket ship.

The "cowboys with lasers" comment struck me as particularly apt, given Dubya's odd fascination with the Southern Drawl. (Ever notice that brother Jeb doesn't speak with one? Curious, that.)

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