Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Jesus, not another one of these.

If you want to read fifty things about me, click here. Otherwise, have yourself a lovely day. (Stolen from Caitlin.)

1) Sleep with or without clothes on?
In the wintertime, usually a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. But in the summer, as little as possible... usually nothing.

2) Prefer black or blue pens?
Black, ever since teacher let us write with pen instead of pencil (grade 5? 6?). Blue is just so "everyone else."

3) Dress up on Halloween?
Not usually, but I can be convinced. I do enjoy being out on Hallowe'en, though, and watching the totally different social dynamic that occurs when people ensconsce themselves in costumery.

4) Like to travel?
It's alright. I've been here and there, but I've come to the realization that there are often many, many things right around the corner from your house that you've never realized were there.

5) Like Someone?
This question is not answerable in less than 4000 words.

6) Do they know?

7) Who sleeps with you every night?
Eleventy billion supermodels. It's a tight squeeze on a double bed, but we get by.

8) Think you're attractive?
Not particularly, although some would disagree with me.

Edit (2006/06/28, 10:03 pm): I thought about this while on a little walk around the neighbourhood, and I think I have a more accurate answer. I think I have everything pretty much in the right place, which makes me think I look alright. The thing is, I'm not terribly eye-catching... like, nobody ever glances across a crowded room and thinks, "Holy damn, who's THAT guy? Meeee-owww!!!" But that's fine, I suppose. I guess. I don't know. I'm clueless. I'm not sure who would ever read this, given that it's a full day or so after I posted this up originally, but hey, whatever, at least I got this thought down somewhere. Now, on with the inanity.

9) Want to get married?

10) To:
Someone with whom I can mentally joust for the next 70 years. Oh, and a great rack helps.

11) Are you a good student?
I was a good student. Too good (but not a kiss-ass). I tell my own students, "I should've skipped more classes in high school."

12) Are you currently happy?
I'm pretty much always happy, and am now, for the most part.

13) Have you ever cheated? Been cheated on?
No, and not to my knowledge.

14) Birthplace?
Petrolia, Ontario — a town of 4000 near Sarnia. But the only reason I was born there was because the town in which I grew up was too small to have a hospital (or a school, or cable, or chlorinated water).

15) Christmas or Halloween?
Christmas, because of the family get-togethers. They all live a fair drive from me, so it's nice when we can all get together and catch up.

16) Colored or black-and-white photo?
They're both nice, depending on the situation. Without colour photography I never would've been able to capture this for posterity, and that would've been a shame.

17) Do long distance relationships work?
After a while, you hit a ceiling in terms of how much the relationship can develop, just because you can't spend enough time with the other person. Maybe if it was pre-established, it could work... but not when you're just starting things.

18) Do you believe in astrology?
No. Absolute horseshit. Show me a controlled scientific experiment in which it works... oh, I'm sorry, you can't? Then shove it up your ass.

19) Do you believe in love at first sight?
First sight, no. Within ten seconds of talking with a woman I can feel attracted to them... but love? Nah, that takes a lot longer.

20) Do you consider yourself the life of the party?
Depends on the crowd. I can usually strike up a conversation with pretty much anyone, but I probably won't be the guy dancing to "Unskinny Bop" on the front lawn wearing nothing but a smile and sandals.

21) Do you drink?
I do enjoy the booze, yes.

22) Do you make fun of people?
Nah. Not unless they deserve it, and most people don't.

23) Do you think dreams eventually come true?
What are dreams but unrealized possibilities, anyway?

24) Favorite fictional character?
I don't usually read fiction, but I've always been an admirer of Kilgore Trout.

25) Go to the movies or rent?
Rent or download. (Yes, steal.) I'll see maybe two movies a year in the theatre, tops. And those have got to be special.

26) Have you ever moved?
When you're a co-op student at UW, you spend five straight years moving pretty much every four months... and this has carried through to my post-UW days. Starting from my move away from home and into residence at Waterloo, I've moved... let's see... 15 times.

27) Have you ever stolen anything?
One baseball card from a pack that had split open and spilled all over the floor in Woolco when I was about 8. I've never told anybody about this, ever. You, Dear Reader, just got a "scoop," as it's called in the news business.

28) How's the weather right now?
Hot. Too hot. And muggy. And sunny. God damn, I hate the heat.

29) Last time you cut your hair?
Mid-May, I think. I'm glad I'm back in the old neighbourhood where I can go into the barber shop and say, "Give me the usual, Rocco."

30) Last person you talked to on the phone?
I rarely talk on the phone these days... hmm... lemme think... I think my mom called on Sunday night.

31) Last time you showered?
This morning.

32) Loud or soft music?
Depends on the music. White Cowbell Oklahoma? Loud. Miles Davis albums from the '50s? Soft.

33) McDonald's or Burger King?
I don't usually eat either, but if forced to eat one or the other I'll go with the King.

34) Night or day?
Night. It's cooler, and I won't get a sunburn.

35) Number of pillows?
Two, but they're ridiculously thin from being ridiculously old. I bought a new, puffy pillow a couple of months ago, but... I dunno... I think my head and neck are just used to the old, crappy ones.

36) Piano or guitar?
I play a credible rhythm guitar (I don't have the patience to figure out and practice solos, or intricate stuff, or where the notes are on the fretboard). But my first love is the drums, at which I can hold my own.

37) Future job?
Professor at a faculty of education who doesn't have his head up his ass. They're a rarity.

38) Current job?
High school physics/science teacher.

39) Current love?
Matthew Sweet albums from the early to mid-1990s... French toast... temperatures below 20 C... open-source (and free) office software which is, at times, better than Microsoft's... and the Detroit Tigers, who are the best team in baseball.

40) Current longing?
A conclusion to a current conundrum in my life.

41) Current disappointment?
The fact that supply-teaching didn't pay quite as much as I thought it would.

42) Current annoyance?
I seem to be clenching my teeth a lot in the past couple of days. I try not to, but I catch myself doing it now and again. I don't know why, and I've never done it before.

43) Last thing you ate?
A lunch consisting of a barbecued hamburger, some Caesar salad, delicious delicious red sweet peppers, and a bit of chocolate cake.

44) Last thing you bought?
I chipped in for a pizza yesterday with some co-workers.

45) Most recent thing you are looking forward to?
I'm going to Ottawa on CanaDayTM... that should be fun.

46) What are you hearing right now?
Matthew Sweet's "Day For Night," in my head.

47) Plans for the weekend?
The aforementioned Ottawa sojourn.

48) What did you do today?
Got up, made some coffee, went to work, had two meetings, ate the aforementioned barbecue lunch, tried to put stuff together for the summer-school course I'm teaching this July but kept getting sidetracked, came home, read some blogs, found this, stole it, and now I'm up to question 48.

49) Pick a lyric, any lyric or song?
There is a road / no simple highway / between the dawn / and the dark of night
And if you go / no one may follow / that path is for / your steps alone
— Grateful Dead, "Ripple"

50) Pick a movie quote?
"Quit tryin' to strike everybody out. Besides, strikeouts are fascist. Ground balls are more democratic."
— Crash Davis, in a pitching-mound visit to Nuke Laloosh in Bull Durham

There. Now go do something productive.

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