Friday, June 09, 2006

Jesus Christ.

The Tigers were up 5-2 going into the bottom of the 8th against the Jays, who were looking like they were going to just mail the rest of this one in. So the Tigers bring in the head-case Fernando Rodney, and he serves up a solo homer and a couple of base hits. Then they bring in Todd Jones — Jonesy may be a great guy, but your closer should not have an ERA over 5 — and it's just a giant fucking mess from there on in. By the time they bring in Bobby Seay, who has just as I type this has allowed the SEVENTH run of the inning to make it 9-5, and the Tiger bullpen fucking disgusts me; Bonderman was doing just fine, maybe a little over 100 pitches, but he was nasty tonight to get out of no-out jams by striking out a couple and inducing a grounder. Zumaya came in and was popping the mitt with 3-digit readings on the radar gun; sure, he walked a couple, but he was doing just fine and could've gone another. But no, they had to bring in Rodney, and the Toronto hit-parade just keeps on coming (it's now 10-5, and I'm going to shut it off and go to bed before I vomit in rage).

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