Monday, June 26, 2006

Environment Canada is a bunch of cockteases.

Owing to the general temperature of my apartment (i.e., hotter than the most fiery depths of Hades), I eagerly and frequently check the Environment Canada website to see if maybe, just maybe, I can get a little relief from this ridiculousness.

Imagine my elation when, as I checked the website a couple of days ago, it stated that later this week in Toronto the high temperature would be nineteen glorious degrees Celsius. Nineteen! I was very near climax, I'm not gonna lie.

But then, as soon as my brain was adapting to the idea of maybe having it be long-pants-wearin' weather again (seriously, nobody needs to see my Whitest Legs This Side Of Albinism)... I checked it today.


And with that, my heart sunk.

If you need me, my head will be in the fridge.

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