Saturday, May 20, 2006

Summer is almost here.

The Victoria Day weekend is the unofficial beginning of summer, and it's a glorious twelve degrees outside. I do, in fact, mean that in all sincerity; if it never gets hotter than 23, I'll be a happy guy. I'm a winter person — the cold invigorates me — and I dread those stiflingly-hot, humid, smoggy, muggy days where all you can do is lay around and wish for a swift, painless death. However, so far May has shaped-up to be a cold, rainy anomaly... and I am pleased.

I've been a supply teacher for a full three weeks now (and worked every day but two), and have come to the conclusion that kids aren't necessarily assholes to supply teachers because they want to torment someone "off the bench," it's because supply teachers, by and large, have no idea how to handle a class. Sure, you'll get the odd jerk who'll have no respect for you... but really, you'll get that in every class, whether you're the regular guy or not.

People have been asking me, "So, are you almost done your thesis?" My reply has been, "I'm in revisions right now." However, to tell the truth, I haven't done one bit of work on the thing in three weeks... and if I want to defend by the end of June, I'm going to have to hustle. I should just put a big pot of coffee on today, sit down, and bang the thing out; I've done most of my revisions in point-form already anyway. At any rate, this article on the Onion, sent to me by someone who knows the value of insightful and incisive comedy, describes a situation which very well could happen to me as I try to finish up my thesis.

If you're looking to waste some time, take this quiz about me. If you do well, go ahead and take the advanced-level quiz. Enjoy! (But just enter a nonsense email address, or your go-to junk-mail address, as I imagine that information will be passed around like a crack pipe at a crack-smokers' convention.)

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